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I pose 2 questions here.
1. If I add a Motion Sensor to my older PowerBook, How can I reverse assemble System Profiler to add ...
Sudden Motion Sensor: Enabled
Sudden Motion Sensor Version: 1.0
2. The Newer PowerBooks also have a 2 finger scroll trackpad. Is this a function of new hardware?
I am running a software trackpad emulator on my older PowerBook but it is flaky.
see the link:



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thx for posting that link.

i love that scroll app. It works great on my iBook (G4 1.2GHz [or 1.197GHz according to disco inferno]} I now use it for everything. Now you saved me so i can be lazier about having to move my finge to get to the Scroll bar. (I'm pathetic, aren't I?)
Thx again!


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1. you can't. You need code

1. you can't. You need code in the bootROM to support that feature.


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There's no need to double post this subject, as it is more of a hardware hack than a software one. So let's keep it all in one thread: