PC Software to Read and Write Apple ][ Floppies

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A week or two ago, I ran across a web site with software that was able to read and write Apple ][ Floppies on a PC. It was able to do this by requiring 2 floppies on the same machine and using one foppy for timing and the other for reading and writing.

But now I can't seem to find the web site again. If anyone knows the name of the software or the web page, please let me know.


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The program is called Disk2FD

The program is called Disk2FDI - I've used it to read in a number of my old Apple-format data disks into the PC, so I can use them in an emulator. It does a sector-by-sector read of the diskette and stores it in a DSK-type image file on the PC. I used it without any command-line parameters except specifying the source drive.

I don't think that it writes ][ format floppies, I've only used it to read them. It requires that one floppy be the old 5-1/4" type, for the diskettes, as it doesn't handle the //gs type 3-1/2" floppies (though that 2nd drive used for timing, can be a 3-1/2- the drive doing the actual reading must be 5-1/4")

I have a copy of this program, plus some other PC emulators and utilities, on a page that I put together a couple of months ago:

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ADT is a great tool

Apple Disk Transfer utility. It does require an Apple II with a 5.25 drive, but is available free. I've used it to rescue more disks than I can count, and occasionally download from the PC to use programs (usually games) on the real Apple II.


* Apple II, II+, IIe, or IIGS
* Super Serial Card, set to MODEM mode
* "Null Modem" cable, with small PC serial connector on one end and larger Apple connector on the other.


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Disk2FDI is the one! Thanks!

This is the one I was looking for! Also, great web page!

ADT is also great. I recently hacked up version of it to xfer my Apple II ProDos HDs to my PC. (to use with a version of AppleWin I added Prodos HD support to).