Okay, I'm on a mission...

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Okay, I'm on a mission. I have a web server running on a PM7200/90 and am experiencing no problems with it. Nice!

I just setup a DNS server on my LCIII today and everything seems to be working very nicely indeed. Nice! x2

I have a Quadra 950 that I intend to run some type of server on, possibly a mail server, as soon as I complete my transceiver purchase. Nice! x3

Here's the phase that I'm tackling right now...

I have a source for a IIci that I'm wanting to run some sort of routing software on. Does anybody here use their Mac to route network traffic?

I could go out and buy a dedicated router from one of the many PC shops in town, but that just wouldn't have the same flair as a IIci.

Anyway, here's what I want to do:

I want to share the same IP address for all of my Internet servers so that they can all be accessed from the same IP address. This, obviously, will require the use of a router. However, I want to use an old IIci as my router. Can it be done? What do I need? How well will it work?


BTW: I'm beaming with enthusiasm and optimism. So, if the IIci is not capable of becoming a decent router, let me down easy... Please...

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IIci mission


Yes, it can be done. One version is to install two Nubus NICs, but run "IIci router" through google.com/mac.html for more info.

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I used to run a IIci w/ 8/80M

I used to run a IIci w/ 8/80MB and NetBSD as a dialup router. It would have owrked just fine as William wrote, with two NuBus cards, but by then time I had gone to cable, I also went WiFi... The main problem will the through put, but if your upstream speed on your connection isn't very fast, the IIci might be able to keep up.


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IIci will do fine

I used a Q650 as a router for a couple of years before standalone routers' prices finally dropped to affordable levels. I used the onboard NIC and a nubus card, plus of course IPNetRouter. Still, IPNetRouter costs more than a standalone hardware router . . .

The IIci is plenty fast enough for what you propose, system throughput will be roughly similar to my old Q650 and almost certainly capable of handling more than anything your inet connection can throw at it.

However the thought does occur, since you will be running those other boxes too, why not combine functions into fewer boxes?

dan k


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Setting up a NetBSD router on

Setting up a NetBSD router on a 68K Mac:

Link here

Toyed around with it some time ago. Wasn't fun enough to stick with once things got all messy and not working, but I still had the bookmark.


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