Hey Folks! I'm back!

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Hi everyone.

For those who remember me back in the very very very old days of AppleFritter I hung around with a slightly different handle, but I'm back under a new one!

Back then I went under the name of AuntieSolder. Hope everyone's okay, and looking forward to picking up on the posts!



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I am new since you were last here - read the 'RavenDarkness' posts (http://www.applefritter.com/node/4283). Note that this is not Reverend Darkness

*EDIT* - These events also sparked a dream I had...




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Welcome Back!

Welcome back, Nikki!



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Good to hear from you! Welcome home.Smile


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HI Auntie!

Welcome back!! You've been missed! I remember you
from the old AppleFritter.



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Welcome back! Fresh (returni

Welcome back! Fresh (returning) faces are always nice. We seem to have had a small surge in returning memebrs over the last month or so.


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Welcome back- What prompted

Welcome back- What prompted the name change?


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Hey, I remember you.

Hey, I remember you.


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Welcome back...

...you haven't really missed that much Tongue

You may (or may not) remember me from the old forums, I certainly remember you! Well it's good to have you back among us!