"Sculpt-Animate 4D" For 68000 Macintoshes

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I'd like ta know if this most *excellent* "AMIGA" 3D rendering program was ever ported over to 68000-based Macintoshes?

And if so, could somebody please tell me where ta get it?

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At the time, the Mac graphics

At the time, the Mac graphics were quite pathetic compared to the Amiga graphic architecture. I'd doubt it would have gotten ported until CQD was the norm and probably System 7. There were no factory 68000 based Macs that were color capable, so I'm doubting that they ever had much for 3D rendering until the Mac II line, and probably the '030 based systems came out. The Amiga and it's multiple specialized chips gave it quite an edge over other systems of the day. It was basically the same general setup that most systems are one now: CPU with access to all system RAM, independent graphics chip w/ DMA access to certain sections of RAM, sound chip w/ the DMA, I/O & bus controller w/ DMA. On old Amigas the CPU had a lot of free time that otherwise older Macs had to use just to keep the GUI running.


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