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i herd about the apple I replica book on tv and it intrested me so i looked it up and found this site. i am deffenitly going to buy the replica I and the book. I have a few questions tho, i have never sodered b4 and i would like to get the unsodered one (to save a few $$) but i dont want to ruin it at the same time, how hard is it? and i was also wondering what can this thing actualy do? i know word prossesing and spreadsheets and some games i guess. what can i add to it, could i take it online?

thanx in advance for ne help you can offer

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On TV?!? What were you watch

On TV?!? What were you watching?

The book goes into quite a bit of detail on how to solder. If you've never done any, practice on some old circuit boards first.

You can find a lot of software in the file library. There are numerous games, but no tord processor or spreadsheet. A simple text editor might be fun to write, actually. There are two chapters in the book devoted to programming.



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lol, yea its a show called "a

lol, yea its a show called "attck of the show" its on G4 or tech tv i dont know what its called nemore, they only have a hand full of shows but there all about videogames and computers