KDS LCD monitor is freaking out...

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Purchased a G3 Powermac with a KDS 15 inch monitor. Computer is up and running fine but the monitor is giving me trouble. It works fine but frequently goes bonkers on me, the display gets distorted and scrolls rapidly with horizontal lines across it like a TV with the V-hold all messy. I checked the power cord which is attached, and it does this wether connected to the tower or not.

However if I slapp the back of it (technical I know) it goes back to normal and works fine. I tried to take the cover off but could not. What could this be? Is it just on its way out and I got a bum deal or is something loose?

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mines doing the same thing bu

mines doing the same thing but its a Proview pl913s 18" LCD
i blew some compressed air in the back of it and it seemed to fix the problem for now..
anyone know what could be causing this?