whats wrong with my car

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Driving on the freeway and my 1999 toyota camry started shaking vigorously. I slowed down to about 60mph, and then tried to accelerate but the shaking got worse. Also it is making a clicking sound on the drivers side. any suggestions are needed

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Sound as if your drive axle i

Sound as if your drive axle is bad, or your wheel bearings are bad, or your wheels are out of balance. The clicking sound is most likly your cv joing on your drive shaft is bad. Good Luck.


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Did it just start suddenly?

Did it just start suddenly?

If so, you could have thrown a balancing weight off one of the tires. You could check around the tires for a small clean spot between tire and rim where a weight may have been.

But I'll agree with above that the clicking sound would lead me to look in the drive axle area: CV axle, wheel hub/bearing, ball joint.

You might get some indication by looking under the car for tears or excess grease around the rubber boot that covers the CV axle - likely the one closest to the driver's side wheel.

Whatever it is, I'd humbly recommend staying off the freeway until you can at least get it diagnosed.


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