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I have a Microtech Digital PhotoAlbum.p

This is a neat little SCSI device. The manual talks about "Mac-PC Lite" or "Mac-PC Manager" or "Mac-PC Manager Lite" something along those lines. This is the third party software that allows the Macintosh (Apparently of OS 6 - 8 maybe 9) to gracefully see the card when inserted and ejected, and allows it to read "IBM PC" format.

I believe this file was used for a lot of the SCSI to PCMCIA card readers that came out for the Mac.

Does anyone have this file? Please?! I can't find this anywhere on the internet. Smile


Doctor Clu

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Driver found

That's the same s/w which shipped with the Minolta CD-10.
IIRC, it's the same hardware, both Microtech and Minolta were
buying it from the an OEM supplier.

You can find Minolta's driver here (watch for linewrap in the URL):


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Vintage Mac Driver for Minolta CD-10 PC Card Reader? (again)

Several years after DoctorClu posted on this issue, I too am now looking for the driver software that allows the Minolta CD-10 PC (i.e. PCMCIA) Card Reader to work with old-school (System 6-8?) Macs.

Unfortunately, the URL that DoctorClu found as a source in 2005 is no longer available. It seems that Konica-Minolta exited the photo industry in 2006 and the associated legacy support website was boarded up in 2010.

So, I wonder if anyone might have a copy of the Mac driver software that shipped with this card reader and some similar ones. According to the instruction manual, the software that shipped with the unit on a floppy disk is called "Mac-PC Manager Lite." (Link to the Instruction Manual follows.)

I have also seen references online to a full version of this software as "Mac-PC Manager."

An alternative possibility would be to find a copy of software that shipped with other, similar PC card readers. A utility called "Formatter Five" shipped with with some versions of a SCSI PC Card Reader from Microtech called the Digital PhotoAlbum. The following URL describes that card reader and the Mac utility:

If anyone could BinHex me a copy of one of these drivers or utilities, I'd be grateful. Any other hints or ideas would also be appreciated.