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Hello All,

This might sound like a weird request, but I was wondering if anyone out there knows of a program that will retrieve and display the DHCP table from a router? I'm running a network with a mix of SMC and D-Link routers, and while the SMC routers will list their DHCP tables, the D-Link won't. I'd like this for connectivity and security monitoring. I would prefer if this program ran under Windows, but Macintosh or Linux is good too.


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Re: DHCP tables

Hm ... first of all it would be a security risk to make these tables available per default via a protocol.

I think all routers have configuration panel, that is available only to the internal network. These come either in HTTP and/or Telnet. I'm not sure whether there's a common standard for these configuration interfaces.

I've heard the protocol STMP mentioned for network configuration, but don't know if it applies here.

I think you'll have to look at the manual for each router, and find their configuration interface options. It's very doubtful you'll find a common interface, where you can configure both routers and have an overview page.


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