Ad, Spy, Mal-ware with Intel?

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Somebody on a Mac list mentioned that now that Intel and its architecture is part of what's left of Mac, Mac users will be suspectible to the host of malware now limited to Window users. This is beyond my ken so I'm looking for some answers.

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Many virus's come in though h

Many virus's come in though holes in the Windows design. It may be possible that x86 OS X would be suceptible to more buffer-overflow attacks, it's be design of Windows more than the CPU arch that is causing all their headaches. Linux and *BSD work fine w/ little security problems. It may cause trouble if someone creates a full Winders environment for OS X that is allowed to play outside of it's own sandbox.


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Nope. It's the operating syst

Nope. It's the operating system, not the processor that's attracting mal-ware, etc.

It would be like saying every computer that runs Linux or BSD on an Intel processor is still vulnerable to Windows viruses and spyware.

And that's probably the best summary of it: they're Windows viruses, not Intel viruses.

(edit): Curses! Jon beats me to the punch! ...and also makes an additional good point.


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Saying that switching CPU wil

Saying that switching CPU will cause you to get Viruses is like saying switching to Michelin tires will cause your battery to go flat.


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It won't?


...I'm off to buy me some new tyres!