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Hey all

Sort of new to this board, was a member ages ago but lost my account info.

I have a Rom 3 GS,
megs ram
40 meg HD w/Apple High Speed SCSI Card
2 3.5" Drives
2 5.25" drives
Echo II Speech Processor
ZipTechnologies ZipGS accelerator

I recently dug the unit out of storage & have been playing with it.
Unfortunatly when I was younger I played around with the ZipGS, attempting to over clock it,
I broke off one of the resistors closest to the ocillator.
Does anyone know where I can find the value of this resistor? I also seem to have lost the ribbon cable between the (motherboard) CPU socket & the ZipCard... where can I get another?

Thanks in advance for your help

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You can get cables from ///SH

You can get cables from ///SHH Systeme in Germany

Also a couple of days ago ED Easrman posted on comp.sys.apple2 that he was going to make up a batch of cables. if you hurry, he may still be taking orders