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i have to agree i took out my

i have to agree i took out my 6gb that came with mine and stuffed in a 40 gb and a 15 gb, not only are they less noise, they are faster...


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Is there a way to import user

Is there a way to import user accounts and preferences after doing a clean install of Panther. I backed up my G3 hardrive, onto my Imac before installing, but it would not let me do a archive and install, just a clean install.

I have all the user account info (for my sister) on the Imac, is there away to import that into the new G3, and having her user account just like it was before?



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Re: Maxtor 6GB harddrive

Hawaii Cruiser wrote:

you'd be a lot better off just throwing it away and getting a new, bigger, better drive.

Then you could put the old drive into your drive box and use it as backup space and to transfer files between the two machines.

You did put the drive back into the B&W, and you're installing on that machine, right? Sorry, don't mean to sound patronising if I do, just checking.


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