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Hey everyone,

I've recently had epilepsy return to my life, and with it came the loss of my driver's license. At the moment, I am left with my 2002 Ford Focus sitting in my yard. Unfortunately, I've never been in the situation where I have to store a car for a few months. The car is mechanically sound, and has been well taken care of. (I'm religious about maintenance) I am considering selling it, which may be difficult as I still owe money on it, or just storing it and paying on the car. My registration and insurance ran out, so I now have an unregistered,uninsured car sitting in my yard. I live in the Pittsburgh metro area, and don't even know where to start with the legal issues of having an unregistered car in the yard, or how to properly store it in my yard. Unfortunately I don't have a garage, and am expecting to be able to drive again in October, enabling me to bring it back on the road before winter. As it is, the car's tags, although expired, are still from Florida.

- iantm


- iantm
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Defiantly get insurance on th

Defiantly get insurance on the car again. Every loan contact I have seen says that you will keep full coverage insurance on the car until it is paid off. The banks do check and when they find out they will buy the insurance for you and ad it onto what you owe.

I suggest going to or and find out the value of you car. If it is worth then you owe I say sell it. You might want to consider checking with Carmax and other dealers to see what they will give you. As that is the easiest way to sell it.

If you want to keep it get it legal first. Then I suggest running the gas tank do to about 1/4 and adding Sta-bil to gas tank to keep the gas from going bad. A car cover might also be a good idea. Then when you are ready to drive it top off the gas tank and get the oil changed. If it is an automatic you might consider getting the transmission serviced also.


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