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In cleaning out my closet I recently found three copys of Apple II diskware, Dos 3.3 system master for the II, II+ and IIe. It says apple computer corp, inc 1982. It also has a set of letter/number series A2D2003/680-0210-A. The tag on the disk also has the apple logo on it. Also found one disk of Apple II diskware. Pro Dos users disk for the IIe and 64K II+. It also says Pro Dos 1.0 based utilities. This one says Apple computer corp, inc 1983.

I also have two more disks. One a factory original and one a copy. The factory one is a Apple II diskware. Apple presents......Apple. An introduction to the Apple IIe computer. For the IIe only, Dos 3,3 based. Apple computer, inc 1982. The other is a copy. It says Apple Dos 3.3 system master. Apple IIe introduction to Apple basic

I also have games from pac man to arcade games and a copy of Apple works (three disks, Startup,program and data) there are more games and some educational. I have no need for these programs as I do not have a IIe. They have been kept in a temp controlled inviroment for the last two years. The disks look good and are still in their covers.

If you are intrested in any of the programs or just need to know what other Apple II programs I have either e-mail me at or post here and I will try to answer to the best of my knowlage about the disks.


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PM me with prices and shipping! Thanks!


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