Broken old apple displays.

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Hello. Does anyone have any dead apple RGB displays lieing around they would like to sell?

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I don't have any RGB displays

I don't have any RGB displays laying around but I do have three Powerbook displays that I'd like to rid myself of. They are all from PB140's and 150's.

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Have several RGB displays.

I sent a private message but thought I'd post here to be sure. I have one Apple Hi-res RGB display (M0401) and two Apple IIGS RGB displays that are yours for the cost of shipping and a few bucks for my time.

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TiBook Display

You mentioned in a PM last week that you would be interested in my broken TiBook display and I then responded to it, but as of yet you haven't responded to my PM asking how much you would want to pay for it.

PM me to let me know or email ehilgart aht charter dott net ... as one whole complete e-mail, of course! Smile