How to Burn HOT?? CD's in MacOS UNIX environment.....with sub-folders.

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Last week, I actually stumbled accross this site:- in my semi inebriated state, while browsing the Web.
Of course, I have since revisited it to fully check it out, before I even thought of posting this here.
Despite the fact that it is a tad crude, it does give you an insight and tutorial of how to utilise Toast and Stuffit in a manner that I did not know was possible. Perhaps I am behind the times and you already know how to do all of these things, but I am sure that the above link will be of assistance to some of you.
You may want to check out one of his wallpapers entitled...'Optical Illusion' and being an Aussie, we love Optical Illusions, after all that what keeps us......... anyway, that's another story.


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