Closing of an institution (at least for me)

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It appears that one of my favorite computer haunts, Computer Options in Raleigh, NC will be closing its doors within the next few months. They sell used computers, do repairs, etc.

Apparently the used computer market around here has bottomed out. It's really hard to sell something used when new ones are aound $300-400, even if the newer ones aren't designed to last that long. The fact that TigerDirect opened their outlet store less than 1/4 mile from their store has not helped either.

I wish the employees and owners well in their life after the store closes.

Is anyone else's haunts going the way of the dodo?

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The Vanishing Computer Store

As a matter of fact, we seem to be losing computer stores in northeast Florida at an alarming rate, thanks mainly to your Big Box Stores (CompUSA, Best Buy, Circuit City). When I left here in 2000, there were perhaps a dozen small shops that I dealt with. Now, they are gone. Even the hobby shop where I used to pick up odds and ends has finally disappeared after 43 years; they faded away two months ago.


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Smaller stores

I can only think of two small stores left in Raleigh, although I could be wrong:

Intrex Computers, which has 2 in Raleigh, 1 in Cary, 1 in Greensborogh (sp), and a couple more. Very knowledgable and helpful people - my brother manages the one in Greensborogh (sp) Smile. The one I visit seems to be rather slow going when I stop by. Again, the TigerDirect outlet store is about 2 miles from this one.

Warp Computers. Recently displayed in a MS ad in a trade publication about selling illegal copies of Windows with their computers. It's been resolved, but I have never had a desire to shop here.

While TigerDirect may have a good selection of stuff, good luck getting any help!

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My local used computer shop a

My local used computer shop also closed about 2 years ago. I went there all the time to pick up SCSI hard drives, RAM, and even some Macs. resale value of computers is so low now.


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The same thing happened here,

The same thing happened here, in Santa Cruz. A local shop went out of business because of Circuit City and Best Buy invading.


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