Need advice for funding upcoming Apple purchase

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Hey all,

I need a little bit of financial advice. I'm planning on buying a 12" PowerBook G4 within a month or so (so I can take advantage of the current promotion for higher education students). However, I'm stuck on which method I should use to fund this purchase. I can either buy it with a Visa card from my bank, or I can apply for an Apple loan. The upside to the Visa card is that it will have a lower interest rate than an Apple loan, but the Apple loan upside is that it's 90 days same as cash. I plan on paying off the PowerBook within 4 or 5 months. What do you all think?


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Unless you can pay it off in

Unless you can pay it off in less than 90 days use your VISA. If it is not paid off in full on the 91st you will be charged for the interest.

What you might could do is get the Apple loan and pay on it for 2 months and then transfer the balance to your VISA. I would avoid that method though, too likely to go wrong and not much gain.


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