10.4" LCD Monitor, G3-upgraded custom "Quadra 7100b", wireless KB and more

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Hi folks,

I need to streamline my Mac life, so I am selling my custom setup, whole or in parts. This setup includes:

SUMMARY (picture links below):

- black Dolch 10.4" LCD monitor with VGA input
- PowerMac 7100/G3 in black Quadra 700 case
- charcoal Acer Airkey Wireless ADB keyboard with mouse pointer and clicker and ADB pass-through


- Price: Accepting offers
- Configuration: will sell in any of the following ways:
- Whole setup as one
- Monitor only, computer only, or keyboard only (or monitor+keyboard only, etc - you get the point)
- Parts of the computer (G3 card, video card, etc.)
- Payment: PayPal (preferred), or US Postal Service Money Order


- PICS: http://homepage.mac.com/mruben/macstuff/PhotoAlbum55.html

- 10.4" diagonal, active matrix
- 640x480 and 800x600 (native) resolutions, no dead pixels that I can see
- On-screen controls
- Rugged case, VGA cable and AC adapter included

COMPUTER - Will Part Out:
- PICS/WRITEUP: http://www.applefritter.com/node/3437
(Note: pics taken after 2nd spray-dye coat; computer now has a 3rd coat on it for deeper, uniform coverage)

- Quadra 700 case, colored with black spray-dye (will not chip or flake off)
- PM7100 motherboard
- Sonnet 266MHz G3 PDS upgrade card
- VillageTronic MacPicasso 340 accelerated NuBus video card with DB15 and VGA ports
- 72MB RAM
- onboard ethernet (AAUI), plus ethernet NuBus card (RJ45/standard)
- ethernet transceiver (for the onboard AAUI port)
- 500 MB Apple OEM SCSI hard drive with OS 8.6 installed
- Standard Apple OEM 1.4MB floppy drive

- PICS: http://homepage.mac.com/mruben/macstuff/PhotoAlbum27.html

- ADB, wireless (infrared)
- ADB cable has pass-through for hookup of ADB mouse (or whatever)
- very compact, includes mouse pointer and clicker buttons

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WOW RHAPSODY! will u be willi

WOW RHAPSODY! will u be willing to par with ur copy of that?


AMB Athlon XP 1700+ Windows XP Service Pack 2 384MB RAM

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Sorry, I should have clarified - those particular pics of the Dolch monitor are when it was hooked up to a different computer, a 7300, that had Mac OS X Server 1.2 on it. That Mac has been sold, and I do not have an original Mac OS X Server CD any longer.

(Also, FYI, Rhapsody preceded OS X Server 1.x - they're the same system, but Rhapsody was the bridge between NeXTStep and OS X Server 1.x, sort of like a beta version of OS X Server 1.x.)


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10.4 (inch)

Is the lcd still for sale?

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The LCD monitor and the wireless keyboard have been sold.

The modded computer's G3 card and Video card have been sold, and I am repurposing part of the modded case.


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Everything's Gone

Everything in this original FS listing has been sold.

And it's GREAT to see AF back up and running again!