apple's wholesalers

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there doesn't seem to be anywhere appropriate to post this, so...

i was just wondering if anyone could name me a few of apple's wholesalers. (or if there's only one, then just the one.)

any help would be, as always, greatly appreciated. thank you in advance.

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in what part of the world?

in what part of the world?

edit: [different countries have different procedures.]

I've got an account with one of the wholesalers here in australia. at the moment i can only sell ipods as i'm still waiting for the full dealer registration to be vetted by the registration gods.

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In the USA

At least in the USA, Ingram Micro and Tech Data (shudder shudder*) distribute apples to resellers for Apple. Some Apple specialists can order direct through Apple for CTO units.

*Tech Data has a nice habit of laying off their employees when it comes time to give pay raises, so employees seldom care. This was at least in their clearwater, florida office.

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Another from the archives...

You can buy direct...presuming you can commit to the same level of purchases as the two authorized distributors and the major authorized resellers like Warehouse/Mall/CDW!

Here's something amusing from VARBusiness, March 11, 2002

"Remember Merisel? Sure you do. It was the third option in broadline distribution for years. When you found yourself out of credit at Ingram and Tech Data, there was always the plucky company in El Segundo..."

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