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Just curious, has anyone seen an Apple /// in person or has anyone ever owned one? these things seem as rare as an Apple 1...
The idea sparked my interest in the item, out of looking thru the Computer browser area of AF. It seems like a longshot, but also, has anyone ever been on the net with one?
I know Tom Owad did a write-up on getting on the internet (albeit w/o graphix.) and i was wondering if they have had success on doing that.
Recalling from history of the ///, I remember that most of the ///'s shipped with dead RTC's. Which made it one of Apple's most disasterous machines ever produced. It would be fun playing with one of the SARAsaur's in the midst...


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Got one stashed up in my attic. Never actually booted the thing, I haven't a clue if it even works. They certainly aren't as rare as Apple 1s, but may be rarer than Lisas nowadays.

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Yeah, I had several

I at one time, had three of them, one Apple III and two III+, which I think were a more stable machine. They all weighed a lot, as the main chasis was made from injected pot metal. They aren't as rare as Apple I's or Lisa's.

I actually got them by accidents of fate. I was, at the time, picking up Apple II+'s, IIe's, and //c's, reconditioning them and then giving them to several elementary school teachers who still used them in the classroom. Once in awhile someone would have a lot of computers, and there would be an odd Mac or Apple III in the pile. Also, a former Apple employee gave me one that he had from a long time ago. He had a few stories to tell, but that's a diffent forumn.

I ended up selling them on Ebay.


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make sure to check out...

I'm sure you already know about... so this is for posterity's sake...

and to a lesser extent

but... the more the merrier... good luck with your project

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Lord do I feel dumb

Back in 1995, I picked up a Lisa along with my first few Macs (Plus, SE, and Classic) all for $10 a piece at the Salvation Army Thrift Store in Quakertown, PA. In 1997, when my family decided to move to Florida, I gave it away to my high school tech coordinator at Pennridge High School. I often wonder what he did with it and if he still has it. Though, it was a Lisa 2 with the 3.5" floppy drive and it still worked though I never had software to use with it. Oh, lord do I regret giving that one up. Eh, but the Plus, SE, and Classic got me started in the art of tinkering and Mac repair, which is what I now do for a living. Thank god for that fateful spring day.

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I saw a few back in the '80s. They will boot/run
with A2 software. They were primarily built as a
"business/industrial computer". As was mentioned
earlier, Quality problems, heat buildup and high
unit cost, as well as the introduction of Lisa
and then Macs did them in. The old Apple II's do
all of the same things with less hassles. If you
find one of these you should keep it for the fact
that so few were made and even fewer survive. They
are neat conversation pieces!


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