2+GB SCSI hard drives and SE/30 floppy drive WTB

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Hi everyone,

I am looking for good, working SCSI hard drives with capacities of 2GB or larger to install in SE/30 Macs and other compact Macs. I also need a working SE/30 floppy disk drive. Email me if you have what I'm looking for. Thank you!

Sally (aka MacAddicted)


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SE/30 floppy drives (aka Superdrives)

I have three working Super drives. 1 is a p/n 805-5050-a, which should be the exact drive in the SE/30. The other two are 805-0961-a. These drives are the same, but in a different shell. The shell is easily swapped, so don't throw away your old drive. Save the shell! Make an offer as I have saved these for repair spares for my machines, and so far haven't needed them. email me at ghopper at eskimo dot com.

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I have an original Floppy and Sled pulled from an SE/30. They are in good condition. let me know if you are interested.


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RE: 2GB Drive SCSI

I have a few maybe 3 around the shop, I also have a 4.3GB but I'll probably save that for the G3 project. Am looking for an "Wings" personalilty card and/or any software that can use it (adobe whatever or the like)