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Hello everybody, ;D

How many of you remember these "text only" games?

I was going through some old gear I had stashed in the garage and came accross 2 boxes containing "The Lost Treasures Of Infocom". Between the two of them, I think I have just about every game Infocom made, all The Zorks, Trinity, The Hitchhikers Guide to The Galaxy etc. maps, books, guides and clues for each game, all in mint condition. I remember that some of them I never got around to trying.
They are all on floppy disc's at the moment (which I had the foresight to store in an airtight container at the time), but they will all be put onto a CD immediately, even though the floppies work perfectly on my present Mac., just as they did when I was using an LC475! Wink


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Way cool, these are excellent

Way cool, these are excellent finds - having all the doodads makes the games much more immersive. You can get newer interpreters so you can use the .dat files on modern operating systems also (+ they have features making it easier to save, restore, etc). On the pc you can use winfrotz, and there are other clients for mac, palm, pocketpc, etc.

I had a go at the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy not so long ago.. really fun, but the puzzles are damn infuriating! Just as well they have an in-game hint system.