Partitioned External Drive when I didnt mean to. How do i recover data?

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I feel like such an idiot. I partitioned my external hard drive without thinking that it would format it. Now my entire music collection is gone and quite a bit of other stuff thats important. How can I recover that data or who should i go to to recover it? Thanks. Your response is appreciated

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Did you do it under OS X? A u

Did you do it under OS X? A utility like Drive 10 might be able to help.

If a utility can't help, a professional data recovery company could likely get it back...but only if you have $2,000 or so you can blow on it.

At least you didn't put files you wanted to keep in the Trash and then empty it. It's friggin impossible to recover deleted items under OS X -- trust me.


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DO NOT write any files to the

DO NOT write any files to the drive until you do the recovery. If you overwrite the files, you're completely out of luck.

What partition was the drive originally? What partition is the drive now? If you have access to a PC, there's a freeware data recovery tool called PC Inspector File Recovery (home page and download page). It's saved my butt more than once. You might be able to recover some data off of a Macintosh formatted drive, but you might have more success by looking at Disk Warrior or Tech Tool.


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