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From: doc vanness
To: TheUltimateMacUser
Subject: so how do you use this remarkable site
Date: September 22, 2005 - 2:26pm

I HAVE BEEN DOING GRAPHICS FOR THE LAST 40 ( nuts the caps lock) but only with a PC am I allowed to say that? for 4 years well I have some clients that want it in apple and I dont even know where to start I have two Performa 6300cds in my lab but dont have any soft ware fore them other than 7.1.5 and a dictionaryI assume
that if you are adobe trained it subsumes over to APPLE or. . . not? I use
Photoshop 7 and iullustrator 8 and get great results well I do run on dont I


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Umm, yeah...

Ummm, yeah, so where's the spam part of the message that you're quoting? So far, all I see is that somebody is looking for help in getting stuff done on a Macintosh computer.

I don't see anybody attempting to sell anything.

I don't see anybody soliciting money or material donations.

I see somebody wanting to know how to use Adobe software on Macintosh computers. Oddly, that's one of the reasons that people come to Applefritter -- to get answers to Macintosh related questions.