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ok i bought some 512mb 184 pin dimm unbuffered 64mx64 ddr RAM, for my pc
i installed it alongside the 256 ram thats already in my comp. when i start my computer,my pc doesnt recognise the new ram. is there something ive doen wrong, or is it maybe the ram isnt compatible for my pc? if that is the case then how can i know what ram is right for me

thank you in advance

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is it the right speed?

IIRC, if you use a ram that is lower than the memory bus of the machine, it will just shut off the RAM to prevent the System from killing it. For example, PC-2100 will not work if the PC uses PC-2700. It is kinda a feature from wrecking the machine

I'm not sure if it is only on PC's. I imagine that Mac's do this as well, or just plain won't start up...


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Does your computer require me

Does your computer require memory modules to be installed in pairs?

If so, you'll have to either get 2x256MB units for a total addition of 512MB, or get another 512MB unit for a total addition of 1024MB (1gigabyte). I've run into this problem on a number of occasions. Make sure the RAM modules are exactly the same (same brand, model, capacity, speed, etc.)

The model of your computer and/or motherboard might help us in finding a solution to your problem.


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