Apple Powerbook "Wallstreet" and larger Hard Drive not booting

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HELP, I have two Wallstreets and everytime I try to upgrade the HD it just come up with a "disk" as though there is no HD in the comptuer. I am have tried a 30 GIG not apple drive in it, which is now running fine in a newer powerbook. I have tried a 30 gig from Apple with the same results (this one has the 8 gig partition for OSX) and a 10 gig from that newer power book.

The only thing I can think of is that it is not getting enought power to the drive, it makes a "breathing" sound from the drive like it is trying to spin. I noticed that the voltage on the old drives was 5V .500a and the new ones are 5V .7a and 5V 1.0a

Any suggestions???

Thanks and God Bless

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bootable external drive maybe

bootable external drive maybe? i had heard something about newer (ATA6 ?) drives not being compatible with older (ATA5 ?) type interfaces? not sure entirely about that, but i think I had read about it here on applefritter. If thats the case an external may be your only bet? Well... i guess i didnt really help too much, did i? sorry. Sad

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In order for a wallstreet to

In order for a wallstreet to boot off a disk larger than 8 gigs, the os must be installed on a partition smaller than 8 gigs.

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I have the same problem. Boot

I have the same problem. Booting from external does not work. All I get is the ? folder... and the machine refuses to boot from cd too. The funny thing is, I can hear the hard drive spin up, then spin down, spin up, down, etc. in cycle - as if it's trying, but not managing. This is a hard drive that was working perfectly moments before... :/

Any ideas?

Oh, and it's not a bad HD, because when I put the hard drive into an enclosure I can see it fine on my iMac and it passes all disk tests just fine.