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I've got more Newtons for sale. This trip they are the Newton 100s. Yes the very first ones all working and they have a stylus with them, fits in a side pocket. These are nice clean machines and are running Newton OS 1.3. I have very limited documention to go with these. Theres more a few NIB 120s with all software and documention, two have the setup to hook up your newton with a Mac/PC and the other two have the external modem setup.

Take notice please the NIB Newtons do not have the shrink wrap on the boxs. I have verified that all hardware/software is with each one. The only thing removed were the original batterys in their packaging as they were leaking and bad.

also I have a Black slip cover that fits the 100,110,120 and the 130. looks and feels like real fine leather (Its fake leather) looks real nice though and has the Newton logo on it. It also has a hard cover sewen into the lining to protect the screen and last but not least a shoulder strap with a carring case that the 110,120 qnd 130 fit into upside down, so when you use it, Its right side up. (photo available for this upon request).

How much??

the 100s $25.00 shipped in the US
the NIBs $35.00 shipped in the US
Back case and or carring case $7.50 each shipped in the US.
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my two cents...

you made my list...

everything was as expected and as promised.



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Mine arrived late this aftern

Mine arrived late this afternoon. I've got to pick it up from the post office on Monday.