What's On YOUR "Favorites" List?

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I couldn't think of anywhere else ta put this, so I figured why not *here? lol

On *mine?

1] "Beyond CyberPunk!"
Ubercool software written behind the masteminds of "bOING bOING" -- "The World's Greatest Neurozine".
It's been put on the InterNet now for *all to enjoy!

2] "BBS HQ"
See the InterNet in it's purest form -- *before "Flash" junk ....

3] "Depeche MIDI"
Like "Depeche Mode" ....?
Like MIDI ....?
Well, then this is the place for *you! lol

4] "Wing Commander CIC"
Everything that there is to know about the landmark computer game "Wing Commander is right *here.
MP3s .... patches .... usermade "Wing Commander" levels .... reviews of *every version of "Wing Commander" *ever made .... even a "Wing Commander" chatroom! lol
And *yes -- the chatroom *is used -- I've been there 3 times already at very different times of day, & all 3 times, someone was there to answer my questions!

5] "Retro Software"
Want a brand-new-in-the-box copy of "Star Trek -- The 25th Anniversary" for only $8 ?
You'll find *that & a whole lot more classic Macintosh computer software of *all types here!
Only hands off "Flight Simulator 4" -- it's MINE!! lol

So what's on *your "Favorites" list?

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