Informal poll: when you lost 'it'.

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...and now for something completely different (big surprise)...

This informal poll is about when you lost 'it'.

Remeber that this is a public forum, so let's not get too nasty, but give some juciy details.

Please post the following:
1. Your age at the time
2. Your gender
3. The other person's gender and age (also make special note if more than one person involved Wink )
4. Was this planned or spontaneous?
5. Who was the instigator?
6. Were there any problems later (got walked-in on by a parent/signifcant other, burning sensation,...)?
7. Were controlled substances involved?
8. How was it?
9. What ever happened to the person(s)? (Did you ever see them again and where, was it a school mate, someone you picked up in a bar and never saw again, someone you married,...)
10. Any regrets (and why?)
11. If you had it all to do over again, would you?


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Fascintaing as I'm sure this thread could be...