tiger on a pc...what about panther

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ok, i know there is pearpc and probably at least one more emulator out there to do this. but if there are the patches to load tiger, could those patches work with panther? this is because i have panther and no money for tiger. if you thinbk i am a retard for asking just let me know.

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Actually, the version of tiger that everyone is running on PC's is not the sme as what is on your OSX cd with some patches, it is a version of the intel dev. kit OS, which is not LEGITIMATLEY available anywhere, so tiger for X86 right now doesnt PHYSICALLY cost anyhting at all (except theft, a grey area of piracy, and Jobs comments that "thieves will burn in hell") But if you know where to look everything goes very well.
All that being said, It runs very well on my PC, and much quicker on my 2.0ghz Pentium4 than my mac mini 1.42ghz.
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I think I can give a better answer

OK, now that we all understand the fritter rules...


The version of Tiger running on x86 is an x86 port, so the binaries between the platforms may be identical, but the actual code that runs has to be different (different procs, other hardware).

Steve said that they had Marklar from the beginning.

So, the answer is a definative no and yes.

No, whatever version of Panther you have (ahem, the one that runs on Mac hardware) will not ever run on an x86 unless it is some virtual trick.

But, yes, Apple has somewhere a version of Panther that runs on a PC. Also, the version of Darwin that coincided with Panther, 7.0, does have an x86 port