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omg does anyone know how to get norton internet security to stop asking me to renew the subscription. it came on my new computer and i really have no desire to pay for it though i do want to keep it on my computer. but it's like every 12 or 6 hours it pops back on asking me to subscribe again. i've found no option w/ in the program that will turn this off and can find no background program that monitors it (like an updater program that most anti virus programs have nowadays). if anyone has a solution to this PLEASE let me know. *notice* i'm not asking for any kind of crack to GET the subscription. i just want it to stop asking me. it pops me out of games and such

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If you want to stop the popup

If you want to stop the popups, renew your subscription.

If you don't want to renew, then uninstall the software.

There's no way around those popups, because if there were, nobody would renew their subscription.



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