WYSE WY-60 Terminals... what to do with them?

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Hi all -
My next door neighbors were throwing away two WYSE WY-60 dumb terminals... however, the trash people don't take computer monitors. Lucky for me I guess Wink. Anyway, one was new in box, and one was in good shape. However, the trash man DID take the keyboard. It powers up and has an amber CRT. Now, what can I do with it? Should I just take them to eBay, or can anyone think of any fin/creative uses for them?

Also, I found out he is a Mac use from his company. I'll have to give him some tips. Wink

Here's the WYSE page for it - http://www.wyse.com/service/support/kbase/Specs1.asp?Q=7


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Holy moley

Holey moley, I didn't realize that Wyse was even in business. I think those things look super cool.

If I had one or two of those, I'd use them as terminals for a BSD or Linux box. Uber geek factor 7!

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I used to have one of those when I was working as a Auto Diagnostic tech. It was pretty cool at the time and darn expenseve $1400.00 dollars and you had to have the scan tool to use with it. Another $500.00 right up front but it was impressive.


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gotta be a way

I got one of these off eBay once... but sent it back because they advertised it as amber, but it was green...

my plan was to figure out a way to get it to talk to... an OS X box some how... either via some sort of ethernet bridge or a serial connection... yes, I was out of my league, but I never got the chance to even do any research on it...

But that's what I'd do... I think amber monitors are beautiful. I want to stick on in an SE/30... you know those plastic tipped dart games at bars? They have 9" amber monitors... and because they are on all the time, they quite often get really bad screen burn... and because of that, replacement monitors are available, yup, brand new ones... but because people don't bother replacing them very often, they are like $400... for a friggen' crt!?? But I want one real bad.

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I think monochrome amber monitors are cool too...

I think monochrome amber monitors are cool too.

Hooking a terminal up to any unix box is super easy. A simple serial cable to the serial port and you're all set to go. Some of the newer thin-client terminals are even easier to setup, because they use ethernet. They're just like computers without all of the sophistication involved with storage, etc.

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Handy for debugging in Open F

Handy for debugging in Open Firmware on machines that default to the serial port for output (pre G3). So worth keeping around if you're planning on doing any OS X or unix stuff on say a 7500 or similar. Though any old Mac with a serial port and a terminal emulator will do the same job.

Just not in amber Smile

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