need help with ubuntu!!

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I just installed Linux Ubuntu 5.04 on my pastors dell inspirion 5000. The only problem is the computer will boot just fine after the initial installation, sounds, visual, everything works fine; but after you restart for real the first time (going into the system menu and selecting log out, then restart) the computer will reboot and run through the startup stuff; but when you get to the login screen you cant see anything. the backlight is on, but the screen isnt displaying anything.

also, I type in the username and password (knowing the layout of the login screen) and hear the usual startup sounds, but still no visual. I hooked the laptop up to a monitor via VGA port, but the screen reads "connot display this video mode"

I could really use any help you could give me


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Sounds like you have a config problem

Sounds like you have a configuration problem. Looks like your installation is configured for a video mode that your Pastor's Inspiron does not support. Basically, I would say that you have two choices:

a) Start your installation all over agin from scratch and make sure that you configure your display properly. You should probably check with other Inspiron owners for help with that.

b) Attach a serial console to the inspiron and reconfigure your display device that way. Again, you should probably seek guidance from other Inspiron owners. There's bound to be at least one or two others that have installed Ubuntu or another flavour of Linux on an Inspiron.

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More specifically, a problem

I'd guess a problem with your XFree86 config.


Inspiron 5000
X does not display
Edit "/boot/grub/menu.list" and add the following to your "kernel" option: 'vga=791'


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