Classic II: chimes of death and falling bomb noise

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Some months ago I discovered that my beloved Classic II is not working anymore.

Simptoms when I switch it on:

- sometimes it plays the startup chimes and sometimes not;

- then, sometimes it plays the chimes of death and sometimes not;

- then, invariably, it doesn't boot (no flashing question mark icon or whatsoever, neither);

- and finally, from the speaker comes a strange noise, like a falling bomb.

I recorded these noises (through my iBook's microphone) and put them on line. Here they are:

(switched on, chimes of death)

(repeatedly switched on, various noises)

I'd like to resurrect this old companion of mine. Any suggestion? Something to replace, perhaps? Do I have to perform the infamous dishwasher trick?

By the way: the battery is OK (just replaced); the RAM SIMMs are OK (tested with in the Colour Classic).

Roberto Giannotta
Trieste, Italy

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classic II

Ive got about 7 classic's and 7 classics II's. if u need another one let me know . $10+shipping


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The buzzing noise is.....

The buzzing noise is bad sound capacitors, and the chimes of death may also be caused by bad capacitors you can tell if there is any oil leaking (if you have good soldering skills you may want to replace them), when it boots up does it show this

to fix the non booting problem if you dont want to replace the caps. take out the motherboard and look to see if there is any oily stuff on it, if there is take some of those cotton swabs dip them in rubbing alcohol and rub the oil off with the cotton swabs. If that doesnt work take off the ram and try rinsing the motherboard in hot tap water. Leave the motherboard to dry for 2-3 days in a warm place. after this it will still make the buzzing noise though.
if the buzzing noise bugs you try pluging in some external speakers


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I wasn't the original poster, obviously, but I just discovered my beloved Classic II has the same symptoms. This is the second place I've heard the 'spray it off with water' suggestion.

I've heard that you can pull all the rom chips and ram, and then run the thing through your dishwasher(!) on cold cycle and let it dry. Everyone swears by the procedure apparently.

I'm going to try it just so I can tell people I actually fixed a computer with my dishwasher. Too funny!

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Holy Crap!

I will be damned. The 'put the motherboard in your dishwasher' trick actually WORKS! I soaked the motherboard last night in water and isopropyl alcohol, and scrubbed it with a brush, dryed it, and popped it back in. The Classic II fired right up and works like a charm.

That is about the most insane computer repair idea I've ever heard of, much less used. And the most effective too. Too funny!