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I've never really been into the modding computers thing before, although I'm quite happy to tear them apart and rebuild them. I've found that Compaq stuff is ridiculously cheap so it's ideal to practice on. So I used these two machines to practice soldering and painting rather than risk damaging any of my Macs. Both are old and based on dual 200mhz Pentium Pros. Sorry about the large images, wasn't sure how to make them smaller...

A Professional Workstation 5000, painted blue and with blue LEDs.
Compaq Professional Workstation

A Proliant 5500 with blue LEDs and a cold cathode tube.
Proliant with blue LEDs

Nothing really exciting done to either of them, but I'd be interested to see what people think. More information on the machines themselves can be found in my image gallery, viewable by clicking on the image.

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Looks rather ghoulish...

The Proliant server looks rather ghoulish. A windows box all dressed up for halloween. Wink

Somebody was advertising a Proliant server locally with a bunch of SCSI hard drives and a Bay Networks switch. I sort of wanted the drives cuz I have a storage shortage, but the guy that picked up the server nabbed the drives as well. Ah well, my loss...

Oh, and the switch... Well, I have enough switches kicking around already.

Sure would have liked to have grabbed those SCSI drives though. Wink

Oh yeah, good job on the painting! Near as I can tell, it looks pretty darn professional.

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did i see a running windows X

did i see a running windows XP on that first pic? how did you get that working?

oh i love the blue btw.


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