A couple Apple II Peripheral card Questions and Other General Questions

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Z80 card Questions:
1) I have a Z80 Card, and there are 4 on/off switches on it. I was wondering what they do and if anyone has any information on the switches?
2) Does anyone have any .dsk images of a cp/m boot disk or software that you could Email me?
3) Is there a particular Slot the the Z80 card should be in?

Mouse Interface Questions:
1) My mouse interface card has two solderable Jumpers marked X1 and X2. Currently Mine is in X2 mode. I was wondering What does the X1 mode do?
2) I am having a slight issue with my My APPL IIe mouse, I am running it under Geos. The mouse moves fine left and right but it will only move up and down on the screen if I hold the button down on the mouse. I Cleaned the mouse rollers, disasembled it reseated the connector, and did not see anything mechanically wrong with it. Now, I am wondering If the problem is related to the jumper on the Mouse interface card. Anyone got an idea what the probelm is?

Pascal Question:
1)I have 29 Pascal disks laying around and I have no idea how to use them. None of them boot up. Do I need some Kind of Pascal Boot disk. Or can I run them from under prodos? I am assuming I need some type of Pascal boot disk to program pascal on the IIe right?

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Pascal boot disk and slots

> Do I need some Kind of Pascal Boot disk?
Yes, I am pretty sure Pascal needs to boot from a boot disk. I seem to remember disks labelled USCD Pascal "Boot disk 0" and "boot disk 3."

> Is there a particular Slot the the Z80 card should be in?
No. It was often put in slot 4 or sometimes 3, 2 or 5. I think you need a CP/M boot disk to use a Z80 card.

The "order" of cards in slots only matters for which card you want to "boot" first. The autostart ROM starts looking from slot 7 downward for bootable devices. So the disk II controller is usually in slot 6. A bootable hard drive controller card might sit in slot 7.

Here are some of the peripheral cards I have and the slots I usually plug them into in an APPLE ][.
0 - 16K RAM (requires slot 0.)
1 - printer (parallel interface card)
2 - serial card/modem card/another printer card
3 - 80 column card
4 - Z80 card
5 - another disk II controller card
6 - disk II controller card (very typically in slot 6, but it doesn't need to be.)
7 - the ROM burner!
With all of this old (over 20 years old) equipment, I try not to have too many cards plugged in at one time.