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Omni Tech has a deal on 128MB RAM for Ibook G3s that is a great deal at $8.95. Their page has a disclaimer about compatability, but I'm actually looking to upgrade my Tecra 8000 to 256 from 192. This is the cheapest PC-100 128MB SO-DIMM on RAM seeker. 1-800-4-Memory also has some cheap RAM, and the RAM for my iBook came from there but it was the more expensive, guaranteed stuff.

I guess I want to know if anyone has tried the super cheap RAM at Omni or Coast To Coast (1-800) and has an opinion on compatability? Kingston wants almost $50 and Crucial wants almost $60 for the RAM. I got the Tecra for free, so I can't see spending that kinda money on it.


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One probably okay, not sure about the other

I haven't heard any feedback one way or the other on Omni.

On Coast-to-Coast/18004Memory, I recall seeing a decent number of posts about them in various places, and all of the ones I can remember said they had no problems with their RAM.