How to create your own Mac Startup Screen??

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You can find various Startup Screens for OS 8/9 on the internet, like:

But what I can't find is how to make your own startup screens, I would like to create my own with the Pro Tools logo for my PT workstation.

Anyone knows???

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How about this?

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That is for Mac OS X, not for

That is for Mac OS X, not for Mac OS 9...

X is easy, under 9 I don't know how to create my own startup screen.

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I think, IIRC

First of all, thanks cwsmith... I had no idea you could do this in OS X. However... that isn't really changing the startup screen, is it? Its just changing the text on the login window, which is still pretty neat. Personally, for OS X, I love the start up screen. I love it so much, I wish I could grab it... so that I could use the identical one in OS 9 and NetBSD (yeah, I could recreate it... but it'd be nice to grab the actual graphic that OS X uses).

Second of all, I believe the article is mistaken about OS 8/9; I don't think you need a resource editor to do it. IIRC, in OS 8/9, all you need to do is create a graphic (I'm not sure what kind, but I think TIFF works... er, maybe its PICT), make its the correct size for the screen resolution (if your resolution is set to 800 X 600, the graphic needs to be exactly that, or there will be a border... or it will cut off the edges). You title that graphic "StartUp", with no suffix, and put it in the System Folder. And restart. I think its that simple.

If I am way off here... or confusing this with some other trick, please let me know (my memory is not what it used to be). Anyway... it can't hurt to try...

Now... back to my question. Is it possible to grab the graphic of the Apple start up screen in OS X? It has to live somewhere, right? If you knew where that lived... it could be copied... and probably altered or changed.

I just realized... you may have to title the graphic that you drop in the System Folder as "StartUpScreen"...
ah... I did this stuff so long ago... sorry

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Its easier in 8/9, you have t

Its easier in 8/9, you have two options:

1. This will replace the startup screen and won't show the progress bar
Put a PICT file in the system folder and call it StartupScreen, and it will show instead of the startup picture, and won't show the progress bar.
You can do something similar by calling a movie StartupMovie

2. This will completely replace the startup screen, and will show the progress bar
Open the System file with ResEdit, click the PICT icon, and the startup picture has ID -16506 (on Mac OS 9.2.2 at least, it may be different on other versions). Copy it, make a picture the same size, and then paste it over.
To paste it, double-click the picture so it opens in its own window, and paste it inside so it replaces the original. Otherwise, it would paste the picture you have created with any available ID, and it wouldn't show at startup.

You should do this on a copy of the system file in case something goes wrong, and once you've edited it, replace it and it will show at startup. I have replaced mine with this, as I don't (and can't) boot in Mac OS 9, only using the classic environment.

edit: sorry for posting the same thing, I had left this window open with the post half written and hadn't posted it :Smile


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I used to make my own startup

I used to make my own startup screens and used resedit to get them into one of the system files. (back up your files first!!!!) picture has size limits but youll figure it out as you go.

edit: this was all pre OSX also


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Photoshop and Graphic Convert

Photoshop and Graphic Converter will let you save a file as a Pict Resource file. That's the format you want to use.
As above, name it StartupScreen and drop it in your System Folder.

Using ResEdit to replace the system's startup screen gives you the progress bar (always work on a copy of your system file, BTW...just in case), but the above is faster, easier and safer.


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Ok, Thanks for the info! I

Ok, Thanks for the info!

It works like a charm!

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very cool

that's pretty neat.
Is the image you posted full resolution? If not, can I get a copy that is?

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now i downloaded a program ca

now i downloaded a program called screenman that's just listed as a control panel. you can import .pict files (i think those are the only ones that work but i'll have to check) into it and it will switch between all the various startup screens you have within the program. i do notice the computer seems slow at startup though so i will try the startupscreen in system folder trick and see if that's any faster, but it's nice having a later version of the mac man booting up to match the new appearance i put on the OS!


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