Apple G4 17" Powerbook With Upgrades 1.5gb ram

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This computer is only 10-11 months old and it was used as a desktop for most of its life. I only used it on the road maybe 2-3 times. The outside case is in great shape and is free from any scratches. Here are the specs:

Apple G4 17" Titanium Powerbook
1.5GHz, 1.5Gb RAM, expandable to 2Gb
17" TFT widescreen display - 1440x900 resolution,
ATI Radeon Display system 64MB SDRAM
80GB ATA hard drive
Optical drive DVD-R, CD-RW (SuperDrive)
DVI, VGA, S-video and composite video output
10/100/1000 BASE-T Ethernet, 56K V.92 modem
Built-in 54-Mbps Wireless and Bluetooth
USB2 ports, Firewire 400 and 800 port
Plug Pack, adaptors, system disks (OSX Tiger) etc.

I am looking to get $2,400 for this system but I will take offers. You will also get an external mouse and keyboard if you would like them as well ($50 for the pair)

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Lower Price!!!

Alright, a few people informed me that $2400 is a little high for this machine. I am willing to lower it to around $2200 and I will still take any offers. Thanks guys!

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$1500 OBO

With the new intel books out, I am dropping the price to 1500 obo