Separate forums for G3 and Pre-G3 PPC Macs (or OS X and Pre-X?)

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I think there is enough of a differnce in the two to warrant separate forums.

Pre-G3/OS 9 users are more concerned with rejuvenating and maintaing and figuring out how to use vintage Macs, whereas G3 and OS X are concerned with a wide range of issues for advanced processors, "New World" Macs, and OS X software concerns.

I should know these are different, I have a G4 TiBook, a PB3400, and a G3 Kanga that straddles the difference...but I know the things of concern are pretty different.


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I Think that would be good

That would be would make it easy to place topice
and make them more derect to the subject


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i agree that would be cool id

i agree that would be cool idea


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It's a good suggestion, but t

It's a good suggestion, but there would be a lot of overlapping content (general OS 9 questions, or OS X on pre-G3 hardware for example), so I can't see it adding any benefit.

Besides, it's not like the PPC forum gets enough posts to make it a chore to navigate.


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well... a separate OS X forum...

Guess I'll pitch my opinion. I've been thinking this for a while. There should be a separate OS X forum. I know there are other sites with OS X help, but they are huge, and from what I've seen, not as friendly.

I'm not sure about the argument of enough difference between the PowerPCs. IMHO splitting the hardware is dubious (you can't match the HW to the OS... I'm running OS X on a 8600)... but then again... forget a separate forum, the B&Ws could have an entire site to themselves. Tongue