12 inch powerbook power input

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I'm wondering if anyone knows how many volts the external power requires for a 12 inch powerbook. It seems difficult to find out, as Apple and most sources on the web that google turned up only specify 45W or 65W but nothing about voltage/amps.


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Apple Power Adapters

The 12 inch PowerBook G4 (and all iBook G4's) ship with a 45w power adapter. As for voltage or amps, I really don't know. You'd probably want to google the power adapters themselves. In regards to what power adapters will work with the 12 inch PowerBook, both the 45w and 65w adapters WILL work. Lately, Apple has been selling the 65w adapter as the retail "Portable Power Adapter" due to its universal nature. The 15" and 17" aluminum PowerBooks require the 65w adapter in order to power on with a dead battery (45w will work with these, but you need to give it time to charge before you can power the unit on).


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Power adapter specs

45W adapter = 24V @ 1.875A
65W adapter = 24V @ 2.708A

W = V * A
V = W / A
A = W / V


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