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No one ever answered this question...

In the event we (the plebians) see something that you (the demi-gods) should know about and act on in short order, how should we get the word out?

So far the only methods we have are as follows:

  • send an email to (which may not get noticed right away - does that only go to TO?)
  • send a PM to the impacted forum's moderator
  • send a PM to TO and the admins
  • start a new thread in Architects to get attention
  • ignore it and wait for a higher power (admins) to find it and do something

Who should we contact and what is the best way to make sure we hit all the appropritate folks at once?


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The best course of action would be to PM an admin. I may be the best choice if you need immediate help, as I check the forums many times each day. I know the other admins check the forums often, but at what frequency I'm not sure.


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My schedule swaps around quit

My schedule swaps around quite a bit, but I'm usually up nights in North America. My email is , and that's the most efficent way to contact me.

While I'm posting my schedule, I may as well note that I'll be away between Jan 3 until at least Jan 9 or 10.


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