FingerWorks MultiTouch Utilities v1.5.3 for Mac OS X, Linux, Windows

Your operating system should automatically install standard USB keyboard and USB mouse drivers needed for daily operation of your MultiTouch product. Thus installing the MultiTouch utilities is optional, but with them you can also:

  • Run diagnostic tests on your MultiTouch hardware.
  • Apply MultiTouch Firmware and Feature Upgrades.

Apple OneScanner Dispatcher software

Disk images for the Apple OneScanner Dispatcher software. Use these images to create floppy disks with the installation files. (.zip archive contains two .img files.)

Vimage Vpower PB 1400 G3/233 Cache Control Driver

This is a VERY hard to find driver that enables the cache on this CPU upgrade. The card works without it but is barely faster than the original 166mhz CPU.

Replica 1 Firmware

This is the firmware for the replica 1. Contained are 3 .asm files which can be viewed with a text editor. This is the firmware code used for the video, ps/2 decoder and serial I/O board. This software is for personal use only and maynot be used for commercial use without permission.

Focus Enhancements Ethernet

Please read the documentation to ensure smooth installation.

Asante EtherTalk Installer

This software supports Sante MacCon Ethernet Cards and Asante EN/SC Ethernet Adaptors.

Be sure to read all the documentation to ensure you are aware of all requirements.

Kensington MouseWorks


New Features in version 5.02:

• Made the Application Menu response easier to get to by moving it to the top level of the Response menu.
• Added a feature called Instant Menu, which pops up the application's menu bar at the current cursor position.

BrainStorm SE/Plus Accelerator

This installer will install software to use your BrainStorm Accelerator. The system software included on this disk is only for use in updating, do not try and copy it to your hard disk for general use or your Macintosh my fail to operate. This disk also has firmware updates.

InfoWave PowerPrint

PowerPrint Pro requires System 7.0 or later. If you require support for System 6.x.x, call the sales department at (800) 663-6222 to obtain PowerPrint/LT v2.5.

DayStar Genesis MP/nPOWER Upgrade Cards

The DayStar MP Floppy provides the latest multiprocessing software for your Genesis MP or nPOWER upgrade card. Once you have installed Mac OS, run the DaySTar MP Installer to install the software listed below.

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