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mBeat 1.1 - An internet time clock

mBeat is a program that displays a clock in metric time. Metric time is a
new global concept of time that divides a day into 1000 Beats. Each beat
is equivalent to 1 minute 26.4 seconds, this means that 12 noon in the old
time system is equivalent ...

mBeat 1.1.4

One world, one time. mBeat is a new clock that displays time in Swatch
beats. The Swatch Beat is a new global concept of time that divides a
day into 1000 units and defines a new global time zone. Each unit,
called a beat, is equivalent to 1 minut...

AMICO 2.1.1J - Japanese Version

This is the Japanese version of the AMICO package.

AMICO 2.1.1J (An apple menu utility)

AMICO is a utility that helps you change the order of the items that
appear in the apple menu. It also lets you insert divider lines between
these items.


Snoddas The Snake

Hi, everyone out there!
Here's a little so-called-screensaver. It's not a real screensaver, but
read the readme file and you'll know what I mean. To see the snake eat
the mice, you need to have a 640x480 color monitor, and about 4 MB free


SnowSaver 1.1b2 - falling snow screensaver for OS X

SnowSaver is a Cocoa OpenGL screensaver. It's modeled on the pretty
falling snowflakes animation that Apple have been running on an iMac in
the window of the local Apple store. (Theirs is actually a QuickTime
movie, and not available to customers....

SpinShow2000 v1.0

An HTML Holiday/Millennium slide show which acts like a screen saver and
greeting center. Includes xmas, 2000, santa and snowman gifs. Runs in
any browser on Mac/PC/Unix and does not require any plug-ins. A user can
pause the slide show- and send htm...

OneApp Address Book 3.6.1 Italian Version

OneApp Address Book, a practical address book application with password

OneApp Address Book is a practical telephone and address program for Mac
that allows you to quickly and easily manage addresses, phone numbers, URLs
and Email addres...

Mac Grayliner 2.2.0

Mac Grayliner displays a map of the entire Earth, showing day, night, and
more importantly, the terminator between day and night. Studies have shown
enhanced radio propagation occurs between two points which are both on the
day/night terminator....

MacMinder 1.2b

MacMinder is a fun and user-friendly appointments book that will
alert you with sounds or speech to upcoming appointments, birthdays,
etc each time you start your computer. It also contains a securable
diary, an alert to let you know when your ext...

NewNOTEPAD II 1.8.2J - Japanese Version

NewNOTEPAD II 1.8.2 - Japanese Version

NewNOTEPAD II is highly functional notepad software.
NewNOTEPAD II supports drag and drop, so you can enter text at random
and clean it up afterwards. You will find it so useful, it might be
a good idea to have...

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