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MacMinder 1.2b

MacMinder is a fun and user-friendly appointments book that will
alert you with sounds or speech to upcoming appointments, birthdays,
etc each time you start your computer. It also contains a securable
diary, an alert to let you know when your ext...


NewNOTEPAD II 1.8.2 - English Version

NewNOTEPAD II is highly functional notepad software.
NewNOTEPAD II supports drag and drop, so you can enter text at random
and clean it up afterwards. You will find it so useful, it might be
a good idea to have ...

Kalender D-2.0

German application
Kalender D-2.0 FAT

Dieses Programm zeigt eine Jahresuebersicht. Es koennen alle Jahre
von 1583 bis 29.940 angezeigt werden.
In jedem Monat werden die Wochennummern angezeigt und die Feiertage
sind hervorgehoben. Die Namen ...

Much To Do About Nothing 1.1

This is a simple to do program for the Mac. It offers no frills,
just lets you add items, edit items, and delete items when you finish
them. It was made using MacPython, and then turned into a regular
Mac application. It is licensed under the G...

Kev's Calendar

Have you tried to make a calendar with Claris assistants recently?
Could be a Y2K bug, but you cannot make calendars for 2000 and beyond
with ClarisWorks 4.0. Unless... you have have Kev's Calendar! Please
read the "Read Me" file and install. Sha...

MultiTimer Pro 2.5

MultiTimer Pro is a utility for tracking the time spent on projects and jobs
performed on a Mac. MultiTimer Pro will be an invaluable asset to graphic
designers, Web designers, content creators of all types, consultants,
lawyers, accountants, and ...

File Submission (Kitchen Timer)

Kitchen Timer v1.0.0

Release Date: 9/01/99
Requirements: System 7.1 or later recommended.
Memory: 2 MB of available Memory recommended.
Hard drive: 1MB of available Hard drive space
PPC or 68k version available
File size: 796k (68k) and 939...

MyWill 3.0

MyWILL is a 'do it yourself' shareware program for the average
person who may or
may not be married, may or may not have children and whose estate may
or may not
be large enough to be subjected to probate costs, professional fees and taxes.

NameFinder 1.0 - find the name for your baby


Do you expect a baby, but you have not decide for a name yet? Then
NameFinder is expecially made for you. It helps you to find the right
name in a unique way.

NameFinder is a program that helps you to find a name for your baby (or

ShadeCluster 1.1.1 - MacDim screensaver module

ShadeCluster 1.1.1

ShadeCluster is a MacDim screensaver module that renders
realtime shaded 3D clusters on your screen.

ShadeCluster is a PPC/68k stand-alone program which can
communicate with the freeware control panel MacDim.

Shareware $5 (or $2...

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