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Alchemy 1.3

Abstracts from files in info-mac/app as of Sun 20 Mar 2005

Alchemy is a nifty little program for finding word ladders.
A word ladder is a sequence of words made by changing one letter at
a time; eg. LEAD LOAD GOAD GOLD. Given any two words, ...

FreeTime 1.2

FreeTime 1.2 is a free utility for Macintosh which will set your system
clock to within one-half of one second of exact universal time. Unlike
similar programs, FreeTime obtains its data over the Internet directly
from the US Government, and does no...

Rock'n Roll Heaven for AfterDark

Rock'n Roll Heaven
by Jason Rainbows' Magic Theatre
URL: http://www.mindspring.com/~jasonrainbows

Requirements: AfterDark ScreenSaver, color Mac.


Imagine this...

Hendrix, J...


Screen Gear is a shareware ($15) screen saver and simple presentation
application. Screen Gear takes a folder of images(JPEG, PICT),
movies(QuickTime, AVI) and sound(AIFF) files and turns them into an elegant
slide show fading one file into the next ...


With your help and the help of hundreds of thousands of other computer users like you, we increase the odds of detecting signs of intelligent life elsewhere in the universe.

SETI@home actually runs in two ways: The

EZCalendar v1.01 released!

Announcing the release of the Mac-only utility EZCalendar (from the
author of ScrapIt Pro, QuickScrap, EZNote, PopAddress and others)!

What is EZCalendar?
Have you ever needed to quickly jot down a note for a particular day on a
calendar and be ab...

FM Egg Timer 1.2 Control Strip Module

FM Egg Timer 1.2

Midius ProjectPlanner 1.2.5

Midius ProjectPlanner is a tool for creating Gantt charts.
It is suitable for small and mediumsized projects.

With the Midius ProjectPlanner you can:
+ create Gantt charts
+ customize default base week work hours
+ customize team members

Midnight Tonight 1.0

Midnight Tonight is an application which sets the Finder's dates and times to
12:00 AM of the current day for any files you drop onto it. Midnight Tonight does
not currently set dates and times on folders, but it will set the dates and times
on any f...

Red Pill 1.4.1

Red Pill is a free screensaver for Mac OS X. It displays strips of green
alien code which slowly draw themselves on the screen as they sweep
towards you in 3D.

This release fixes a problem which caused spurious error messages in the
system log, and ...

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