[PR]: Brickles3000 v2.0.5 - A Classic Ball & Paddle Game

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Christmas'97 (jigsaw puzzle game)

Christmas'97 is the fifth release of my annual Christmas card/
jigsaw puzzle game, an editable jigsaw puzzle where you can
install in your own art, your own pieces, background pattern,
music, sound...

Customizing it and passing it on as your persona...

[PR]: Brickles Pro v1.0.7


Brickles Pro v1.0.7 - The Classic Ball and Paddle Game for Macintosh

What's New: Ooops! Ooops! Ooops! A quick, embarrassing bug fix release.
Occasionally, a valid high score would not be accepted by the Brickles
Pro Online Hal...

Christmas'98, annual jigsaw/Christmas card

Here's this year's Christmas card/jigsaw puzzle game, for the sixth
year in a row.

Works on any Mac, but QuickTime is require for the installed image
to display properly. You can paste in another if it doesn't. Also,
if you don't like the puzzle pie...

Brix 1.0.2

Brix 1.0.2 is the latest incarnation of the old arcade classic "Breakout".
Armed with only a paddle and a ball, you must bash your way through level
after level of coloured bricks. Brix preserves the fun and challenge of the
original ( no shooting at...

ChristmasFun Time

A holiday entertainment for young children. Decorate a Christmas tree, dress
up some snow people, or make a gingerbread house a work of art.

Brought to you by Bry-Back Manor

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Here is the classic Unix game Rogue, ported to the Macintosh. Rogue was
originally written by Ken Arnold, Michael Toy, and Glenn Wichman; this
release is based on the UC Berkeley public version by Timothy Stoehr. It is
a straight-forward port and pre...

Silvergol 2.0

Silvergol is a Carbon application that enormously facilitates your
formulation of complex systems of Totogol. Silvergol 2.0 lets you:

- create systems combining from 8 to 32 numbers
- constrain the columns by sum of numbers, simmetries, parallels,


This is a game I made called Checkerwarz. It is based on the game checkers,
but it has an interesting twist to it - when a checker is jumped over, the
two sides go to war in a little battle where they verse each other in a mini
game which decides t...

Brick Attack PPC 1.0 (brick-attack-ppc-10

Brick Attack Version 1.0
Copyright 1998 Dan Zink and his licensors
All Rights Reserved

Brick Attack is a remake of a classic arcade game in which you destroy all
of the bricks on the screen by bouncing a ...

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