Salvage 1.0 For Mac OS 9


Salvage is a tool for recovering digital camera photos from corrupt
removable media.

You can find Salvage at:

Path: /www/exparrot/


Name: ScanCalc
Version: 1.5
Type: Application
Requires: A color Mac running System 7.1 or better. Has been
tested on PowerMac 8500 and PowerBook G3 Series
running Mac OS 8.1. It is a fat binary.
Purpose: A ...

CHPaint 1.0

Try this free drawing program for the Mac. Although many improvements
are to come, this version features drawing with squares, circles, and
triangles. In this program you can also use most regular colors. CHPaint
also includes a way to export picture...

RetroactiveCamera 1.0 (Picture 3D analysis software)

The Author :
Philippe-Michel Canarelli
Bat 3-1, 2 av. de la Gare
74500 Evian
The Program :


Picture 3D analysis softwa...

Rule 1.4.1

Rule is a tool to measure a size of an image on your screen. It has a
semi-transparent view and triangular shape. Easy to use just like the
one in the real world. Several units of length are supported. Many
convenient features are also available.


BackgroundWarper 2.3.1 submission

BackgroundWarper 2.3.1 for Macintosh PPC creates background tiles,
reminescent of ondulating surfaces (unless weirder settings), mainly for
web pages. It has new animation possibilities, improved ColourPicker
schemes, enhanced user interface and gene...


BigPicture 4.2

An image file viewer.

Compatible with Mac OS 7.0 and later.
QuickTime is preferred but not required.

Simple, friendly, useful, and convenient user interface.

View images in several popular file formats, save or print image

Cameraid 1.1.4

Cameraid 1.1.4 is the latest update to the all in one digital photography
utility program for MacOS. The update is free to all registered users.

New in 1.1.4

This version works around certain problems that MacOS 9
caused with many USB...

Render-Boy v2.3.0 Documentation

Render-Boy is an integrated solids based 3D modeler and photo-realistic
"ray-tracing" renderer for MacOS computers. What does that mean? Well, using
Render-Boy's simple graphic user interface, you can create 3D designs in a
truly what-you-see-is-w...

DX7 Librarian v1.2.7

[DX7 Librarian v1.2.7]

DX7 Librarian is an application for the Macintosh which allows you
to make up library of voice data for DX7. One window has one voice
data, and you can open windows as many as you want.
When this application receives bulk...

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